Made using beach findings…

When on a field trip to Pembrokeshire, Wales last year in my final year of Art School in Stroud we were asked to do a week long project on our response to the lovely location we were in.  We were only minutes from the sea and wooded coastal walks.  I as always collected ‘stuff’ from bits of stick to a rubber bicycle handle (as used below for a body).  I dont go far without a pair of dolls eyes and a pen knife for whittling so I was able to construct my beings during the day using limited supplies from my sculpture tool box.  These are the most simple ones I have done but I dont feel they have any less character than my more recent works.


The Frog Shop is open!

The Frog Shop is only open on Mondays.  Not every Monday mind you, only some Mondays.  Mrs Frog does not tell anyone which Monday she is open.  So, you just have to walk past and see.  If you are lucky enough to be strolling by on a Monday that she is open don’t expect to buy anything.  Mrs Frog won’t sell a thing!  You can ask her but she will decline and close up shop immediatley.  Thats just the way she is. 

Oh well! 

Nice to see you Mrs Frog!

Close up of Cecil

This is a close up of Cecil ( I will post a full view of him as he does have a little friend!)

He is made up from parts of my Grandfathers old black and white television, an old bread tin and a broom handle to name but a few of his mix and match parts. 

50cm high

My collections & the way I work

I have collections of different materials ranging from paper to metal which I use to make my sculptures.  Part of my work is the process of exploring, collecting and researching the findings.  I pick up anything that I feel will be useful one day!  Sometimes there maybe a part I need for one of my sculptures…if I do not have the right part I make and model what is required.

I draw and make studies of the sculptures while I am working on them in order to work out ways to construct certain parts.  I never draw out exactly what I want to make at the start because then there will be no need for me to make it as I can already see it!

Close up of the ‘IRD’

Close up of the ‘IRD’

The sculpture is made up from a series of materials that I have collected over a period of time.  I don’t like to polish up the objects that I find.  I prefer to leave remnants of natural rust and dust that have formed over the years.  I retain the look of the objects age as much as possible to give the beings I make a history and a story.

16cm high