Free Art Friday

Inspired by the lovely artists of Portsmouth who have been putting out their Free Art Friday artwork for passers by to enjoy and take home for some years now I have done a few of my own!  This little guy was my 2nd Free Art drop in Stroud, Glos. I love doing this and hope to be putting a few more things out in the future.

This Free Art Friday drop was also featured on the Free Art Friday blog!  Check it out and see what other artists are doing for their Free Art Friday!


Cecil is going on a holiday!

At the end of April Cecil is taking his suitcase and his bench on holiday.  Where is Cecil going I hear you ask?  Well, R&R Books in Stroud is where he will be!

Cecil will stay in the window display throughout May to catch up on some reading.  We will discover what his favourite books are and what he gets up to when the shop closes.

I will miss him but I feel the change of scenery will do him good!

I shall look forward to hearing about Cecil’s adventures at R&R Books!  (Thank you kindly to Ron and Ruth for providing him with 5 star accommodation!)

Not Rubbish Art… Art Made of Rubbish!

I am very excited to be featured on Lyn Midnight’s wonderful blog Against the Odds. This is my first feature where I have been asked to write about how I started making my beings and my sources of inspiration. Slightly nerve wracking to tell the truth. I have always been a bit quiet and not liked to bother anyone with my reasons for doing what I do, so, I think that this has been good for me! If you fancy a read please click on the link

This feature has also just been posted on The Arts and Crafts Daily published by Blogworld which is fantastic!