Free Art Friday Tel-Aviv

On August 24th one of these monsters will be up for grabs in the Free Art Friday event in Tel-Aviv! 

I wonder who will pick it up?! For more info check out their facebook page


Tin Army #161

So, this July Friday 13th was not full of superstition  but instead a great opportunity to get into the Free Art Friday 13th spirit of creating a monster of sorts and leaving out for someone to find!  Go on over to to be part of it!  This little Tin Army monster was left in Cheltenham opposite lampost #161.  He was well hidden but eventually found!  Job done!

Free Art Friday

Inspired by the lovely artists of Portsmouth who have been putting out their Free Art Friday artwork for passers by to enjoy and take home for some years now I have done a few of my own!  This little guy was my 2nd Free Art drop in Stroud, Glos. I love doing this and hope to be putting a few more things out in the future.

This Free Art Friday drop was also featured on the Free Art Friday blog!  Check it out and see what other artists are doing for their Free Art Friday!

‘Follow Me’

This little person is made from found and discarded objects. I found the piece of wood it is standing on down at the estuary with 2 rusty nails sticking out of it…these made perfect legs! I made this piece for the PCM’s Free Art Exhibition taking place in Portsmouth on Sunday 8th April 2012 12:00pm until 4:00 pm. Its due to be a great event with lots of fantastic artists contributing. I doubt I will never know where mine will end up and with who but that is half the fun of it! Happy hunting!