Cultivate Gallery

Beautiful photograph taken by Diana Goss outside Cultivate, Vyner St, London where In Rust We Trust is showing.


Hello to Rust Bucket Workshop!

Last week on Twitter and Facebook I ran a little competition to find a name that would represent the work I do.  The response was fantastic and after much thought the name ‘Rust Bucket Workshop’ was chosen!  I am so happy with it and I am aiming to use this along side Kendal Sculpture.  I have set up a facebook page too if you fancy hopping on over to ‘like’ me… or/and  friend me on

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This little person is made from found and discarded objects. I found the piece of wood it is standing on down at the estuary with 2 rusty nails sticking out of it…these made perfect legs! I made this piece for the PCM’s Free Art Exhibition taking place in Portsmouth on Sunday 8th April 2012 12:00pm until 4:00 pm. Its due to be a great event with lots of fantastic artists contributing. I doubt I will never know where mine will end up and with who but that is half the fun of it! Happy hunting!