Meet Taylor…

Taylor wanders the cobbled streets day and night as a walking billboard.  This little guy was made for Mydog Sighs in the Rust Bucket Workshop by me, in return for his wonderful canvas! 


Meet Little Bright Spark

I made this little guy for my art swap with RJ – freakSTATIC Illustration and in the post today arrived these goodies!  A gorgeous illustrated cog, an amazing portrait of my Mrs Frog and some stickers!  Even the letter was illustrated beautifully!  You must check her work out…

@freakSTATIC (twitter)

Meet the strange winged creature…

I am currently doing a trade with Los Dave @Scuzzylogic (Twitter).  I have just sent him this strange winged creature.  Check out Los Dave’s wonderful art also on Facebook and his blog

Down the back of the kitchen cupboard, a little over to the right, behind the weighing scales I came across a very strange winged creature.  It had made a bed out of a sardine can and a pillow out of a tea bag.  I pretended I hadn’t seen it and I closed the door.  Since then I noticed tiny footprints in the butter and wondered why.  So, I left the creature a note asking ‘Why do you walk through the butter?’  A few days later it replied ‘You should have said hello.’


So In the post on Monday I received this beautiful rusty bird made from discarded BBQ grills.  Amazing!  Thank you ever so much!

Meet Private Inkerman

I made Private Inkerman (pictured left) especially for the amazing Street Artist (creator of freeartfriday) My Dog Sighs as part of a trade.  His work is fantastic … out of this world!  This is what I received in the post yesterday (below) Very excited!  The most beautiful and captivating canvas,  ‘They don’t love you like I love you’ and the great Can Man!